Kepner-Tregoe has just launched a follow-up app to their Advanced Problem Management App for ServiceNow. The tool has many promising features and the critical thinking approach, which is a must have for Problem Management, is a very interesting addition to Major Incident Management.

There is nothing in the App that could not be custom build in ServiceNow, but why spent time on developing something, when there is already a best practise App. I strongly believe customers looking at implementing or re-implementing Incident Management or Problem Management within ServiceNow should give this a look.

The App is available on the ServiceNow store, but cannot be purchased in isolation. Instead it needs be purchased in combination with Kepner-Tregoe training, which typically consists of a 4 day session, and the App will then come as a part of this service. For more information check out the ServiceNow store or the video below. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.