Microsoft has introduced new Dv3 VM’s in Azure with potential cost savings of 28%

Read more about the new exiting possibilities of hyper threading, running Hyper-v in azure etc.


A few months ago Microsoft introduced reduced pricing on Dv2_Promo VM’s at the new cost of Dv3 VM’s.

Snip from the article:

All deployed Dv2_promo VMs will benefit from their promotional pricing until 6/30/2018 at which point prices will revert to match Dv2 pricing.

Meaning if you don’t do anything these Dv2_Promo VM’s will be reverted to the price of Dv2 VM’s and you will loose the cost saving

To get permanent cost savings on Dv2 and Dv2_promo VM’s remember to resize them to the new Dv3 SKU’s.

You do this in https://portal.azure.com

  1. Find the VM
  2. Go to Size blade
  3. Chose the new DSx_V3 Size.


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