Windows Virtual Desktop

Get the best virtual desktop with a complete Windows 10 multi-session experience


The installation and maintenance of the infrastructure for delivering virtual desktops or apps often happens suboptimal and therefore often becomes an expensive and time-consuming process with combability challenges with for example Office 365 etc.


Windows Virtual Desktop is a cloud based managed service from Microsoft, which can offer Windows 10 desktops and remote-apps. Microsoft controls and maintain the infrastructure layer so that you only need to think about user data and programs.


Windows Virtual Desktop is the only solution that makes a Windows 10 Enterprise multi session possible. That means, that multiple users can be on the same session-host which brings large savings where you only pay for what you use through scaling options.


Our consultants have been on the forefront of technologies right from the start and have helped several of our clients get started with the solution. We offer competent advice from start to finish and help with everything from initial considerations to implementation and roll-out.

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