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Automation App

Automate IT- and business processes in your ServiceNow-instance with Azure Automation

Our Automation App makes you able to automate frequent and manual operational tasks across your IT environment. You then free up time and resources, which can be used to add business value to the organization.

Use the Automation App for:

  • monitor and administrate updates and patches
  • import and start existing runbooks
  • reduce time consumption and manual mistakes by automating workflows
  • plan implementations by need
  • administrate roles and access
  • control password reset

Feedback App

Service Portal Feedback – Feedback widget for the ServiceNow-portal

Our Service Portal Feedback application makes it possible for your end users to quickly provide valuable feedback to the rest of the organization – on top of that, its free!

Besides giving qualitative and useful feedback for internal improvement, this widget saves all data inputs, which then can be used for reporting by using ServiceNow Reporting or Performance Analytics.

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