We bring people, business and technology closer together

We automate and optimize your business processes so that it has a real impact

Digitalization in your reality and daily life

Automize was founded in 2015 with the desire to create value by facilitating the journey of the digitalization and transformation that all businesses are on today.

We do this by bringing people, business and technology closer together. Our starting point is the individual, because without people there is no business. And in order to do business, technology is needed.

When people, business and technology come together, you will see real results from your initiatives. Otherwise you just end up with something different than what you had before.

We solve the task that really needs solving

Our technological area of focus is automation and optimization of business processes. In this work, it is deep in our DNA that we not only solve and optimize a sub-task but take a holistic approach and look at least as much at the context as at the individual sub-tasks.

This means that we often solve the task we are asked to handle – but that we just as often report honestly and challenge the task in order to address what is truly needed.

Customer-specific development and cloud-based standards

We believe that the business process is more important than the tool, and our key words are automation as well as optimization of the processes across business units.

We develop customized solutions for our customers’ business processes, but without becoming fanatical: we also use proprietary applications and cloud-based standard solutions to the extent that they can solve your actual needs.

Outsourcing of IT operations – without surprises

We offer to operate and support your IT. Often, we can do it both cheaper and better. We take our own advice all the time and automate and optimize our own business processes as much as we can.

It provides the best service for you, at the lowest price. Whether you choose our Bronze, Silver or Gold package, it is All Inclusive. No hidden fees, hair-splitting exceptions or unforeseen extra charges.

Customers across the country and across industries

Automize has its main office in Kolding along with an office in Copenhagen. Our customers are located throughout the country, though mostly in Jutland. They come from a wide variety of industries, ranging from supply companies, industrial production, construction markets to municipalities.

Skilled employees with hands-on experience

Our employees are sharp, and many of them have work experience from large Danish companies such as Danfoss, Ecco and Bestseller.

A job at Automize is the closest thing you get to being a freelancer. We work at our customers’ up to 4 days a week with Fridays in-house. We seek the principles of Unboss, and it naturally attracts employees who can work independently and get things moving at our customers’ business as well as our own.

Få adgang til nogle af branchens bedste IT-konsulenter

Skal I bruge en Microsoft cloud konsulent? En ServiceNow specialist? Eller en haj til Azure Automation?

Does it make sense to solve the whole task yourselves?

We can be responsible for the operation and support of your IT, fully or partially. Often, we can do it cheaper and better.

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