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Global VNET Peering

How long does it take to go from West US to UK and back?


I have been asking myself this question for a while and now it’s time to find out.


Azure supports VNET peering between regions in selected datacenters. I want to build a global network and look at which performance you get from this feature.


My setup

3 VM’s and 3 VNET’s


Located in these datacenters:

  • UK South
  • West US 2
  • India South


Before a could add the vnet peering I had to register for the preview feature:




And then I added VNET peering between all VNET’s (Both directions)


UK – India


US – India


India – UK
India – US




I then logged in to my VM’s and send Ping commands


I have created a global spanning VNET across the globe in less than 1 hour. (I’m impressed 🙂 )

Ping times are as follows:


UK – US – 141ms
UK – India – 132ms


US – UK – 142ms
US – India – 201ms


India – UK – 133ms
India – US – 201ms




Currently VNET peering between regions is in Public preview and only available in selected datacenters.





I want to measure the bandwidth provided on the geolinks.


I want to look into the costs associated with building this.

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